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MFF Token Sale

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What is MFF Token?

MFF Token is a native token of the MFF Protocol. It’s a multi-purpose token that will be used to empower the MFF Community by giving them profit share, liquidity profit’s, dividends, and voting power.

Yields generated by the MFF Protocol are then used to buy-back the MFF Tokens to increase the price of the token at regular intervals. Due to the low supply of the MFF tokens it is highly likely that it’s value will be growing to new highs in a very amount of time.

MFF tokens are very volatile due to their low supply. So invest wisely as high volatility can make you huge gains and huge losses as well.

What is the MFF Protocol?

Our smart technology named as the MFF PROTOCOL is designed in such a way that it finds and auto trades highly profitable trade opportunities from all the above-mentioned exchanges, we have deployed some of the best automated trading strategies and methodologies in it, so when a trade is selected by the MFF Protocol it’s 90%+ accurate and will give winning results. It runs 24×7 on our powerful servers and has more than 15 strategies already deployed and running in it.

MFF Protocol helps us find these opportunities easily and also helps in coin selection by automatically comparing the HPY (highest possible yield) of all the coins. This helps us in investing our money on the highest yielding coin.

3-In-1 Income System for MFF Holders

The ultimate goal of MFF is to be the all-in-one solution and offer a wide array of income opportunities to the holders.

Buying MFF tokens is the ticket to multiple source of income, firstly you get paid for providing liquidity in uniswap and second source is the profit share distributed by the MFF Protocol, and the third one is the coin value which will keep appreciating well in the future as we will keep buying back from the markets.

MFF has already got a huge demand in the offline market, just reading the white paper some whales are already with the cash bags to buy in MFF Tokens.

The Benefits of MFF tokens holders

Your RoadMap to Consistent Profits

Investors Buys The MFF Tokens
MFF Holders Provide Liquidity in Uniswap
MFF Holders Get Liquidity Profits. They Can Claim This Anytime.
MFF Holders Get's ETH as a Profit Share Out of The Profits Generated by The MFF Protocol.
MFF Tokens Holders Get's Quarterly Dividends.
Buy Backs and Burning of MFF Tokens So That The Coin Value Grows Up Which Again Benefits All MFF Token Holders

Our Team

James A Cazar

Former Investment Consultant.

Email –


Tony Charles

Investment and Portfolio Manager.

Email –

Mark Robinson

Ex- Trading Floor Manager.

Email –

Distribution of Tokens

  • 80% Distributed to Community Through Pre-Sale

  • 10% Founders and Team

  • 5% Marketing and Advertising

  • 5% Private Sale - Soldout!

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